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• 7/28/2014

Brand new Forum!

Hello everyone, I know there's already a forum on Toast and all but....thought of making a forum on here anyway XD

Also please be sure to post your topic in the right place, for example if you want to talk about something off-topic not about the game then go to the off-topic board :) It's a way to keep things organized and makes it a lot easier for the admins believe me.

There are a few guidelines to follow:

1: There will be no bullying on here, it's alright to disagree with things but please don't resort to any cussing or start a fight, no one wants to see that....

2: Anyone who the admins catch making spam posts will automatically be put in the banned list.

3: Be nice!

Everyone is responsible for these rules, I expect you to have read this before posting in the forum. Anyone who doesn't follow these guidelines will be banned and put into the banned list.

Report anyone who broke the rules to us admins and we'll handle it.

Thanks for reading and us admins will continue doing our best. :)

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• 12/31/2014

I just used a gift card to buy gems and I did not get them. It took the money off of my card, but did not give me the gems. How do I either get my gems or my money back? I did not spend $10 for nothing.

• 12/31/2014

This isn't an official Wikia or forum. My suggestion is to post directly on the Wooparoo Mountain FB page, email them, and/or submit a technical issue from the game screen (Options --> Support -->Payment Inquiry). A combination of FB posting and submitting the issue would probably work best.

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