Buildings available at start Edit


  • Used to create new Wooparoos. Place one at each side. Look at Available Summon Stones for the types. Use the right types in a combination to get a Wooparoo you want.


  • Here you can hatch your created or bought Summon Stones. Can be upgraded.

Magic Tower

  • Click to receive your gifted gems from your friends. Can be upgraded.

Roopa's House

  • View your collection of Wooparoos. Each new Wooparoo grants a Gift, and it shows which combination was used to create the Wooparoo. Friends can see each other's Collections when visiting their village.


  • Almost self explanatory: read messages from friends. You can leave messages if you visit your friends' villages.

Purchaseable Buildings Edit

Small Farm, Farm,  Large Farm

  • Plant your seeds to feed your Wooparoos. See the Foods page for available Seeds.

Rare Booster

  • Boost up your Habitats, each Booster costs 100.000Mo and permanently increases Mo outcome by 3% for that Habitat, this is temporarily increased to 5% with a Friend's Help.


  • A home for your Wooparoos you don't want to sell, but need the spot for another one. Can be upgraded.

Premium Buildings Edit


  • Makes your Wooparoos look young again without lowering their level.
  • Once you buy the Timespring it is free to make your Wooparoos younger.
  • It takes the same amount of time to make them younger as it did to hatch the Wooparoo.
  • You do NOT gain anything from this. It is purely a visual change for those who prefer a Wooparoo's cuter child look instead of their adult look.


  • Like the Woopacross, but with a higher chance to obtain rare Wooparoo combinations. You can use both, the Woopacross doesn't get replaced. More or less a must-have, even if it costs 600Gem