There are multiple Decorations you can put in your village, you have to spend either Mana Orbs or Gems to buy them, although some are obtained via reward for having summoned certain amount of Wooparoos. The decorations are separated into the following categories:

  • Bushes (examples: Green, Brown)
  • Flowers (examples: Red and Blue Daisies, Sunflowers, also Cactus fall into this category as well for having flowers on them, even though as a whole Cactus is not really a flower plant)
  • Trees (examples: Baoba, Maple)
  • Fences/Walls (examples: Ivy Fence, Skelefence, Gingerbread Fence, Gold Wall, Brick Wall)
  • Floors (examples: Wood, Granite, Cracker, Snow)
  • Buildings (examples: Stonehenge, Buppa Tree House, Buppa Brick House)
  • Others (examples: Buppa Fountain, Sphinx Wooparoo, Magic Windmill)
  • Alphabets & Numbers (A-Z and 0-9, also includes symbols such as comma sign or apostrophe)

Some of the Building and Other decorations are Animated, meaning they are required to fulfill the "Get 5/10/20 Animated Building" Achievements.

There are also Decorations, including Animated ones, that are randomly obtained via the Magic Cauldron, which costs Gems.